Rugby Balls Series ( Size-4 )

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We believe the days when designs of rugby balls were created for a generic audience are long gone. Every rugby playing region / community has its distinct art and culture. Our Design Team thought it would be ideal to honour the art and culture of these nations / communities reflect them i the design of our rugby balls.

The MX rugby balls are the first in a series of designer rugby balls. Elements from Maori art in wood, metal, bone, painting and tattooing have been combined to create a series of balls that represent the Maori culture.

Whilst they capture vividly the art and culture of the Maoris, these balls are also first class Match balls, except the Souvenir Ball. The balls are made with 1.5mm (5-Layer) Outer PU fabric, a latex bladder with Butyl Valve and conform to the Rugby Association specifications. Carefully hand crafted these balls are a pleasure to play with and to display your art and culture.

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Rugby Balls Series

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